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"...The Thrive Diet, a guide to vegan diets in sports...has become something of a bible..."

"Thrive Foods offers a diet that's good for you and the planet."

"The Thrive Diet feeds your body all the nutrients it needs without empty calories and with minimal stress."

"Thrive focuses on vegan foods that help fuel your way to uber athleticism."

"Thrive Foods will have you and your family brimming with energy and health."

"Mr. Brazier's vegan principle have garnered a cult following."

"Brendan Brazier has a knack for simplifying the connection between diet and health. He makes his points clearly, obviously culled from much research."

* "This book will appeal to not only athletes and vegetarian but anyone who is concerned with eating to reduce personal and environmental stress. It is like a cup of Fast Food Nation in a bowl of Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health - i.e., a fascinating read featuring excellent recipes based on highly palatable nutritional science."
(*starred review)

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